You may have heard a ton about Internet Marketing theses days. Particularly if you are looking for the info that you need to begin an online endeavor. In most cases, you do not have the information on the best methods to begin and may actually get more confused about the various stages you need to use when starting your internet marketing venture. Wouldn’t you know that one of the most effective marketers out there, Kevin Fahey, has made the IM Checklist. This product was intended by him to make online marketing more streamlined and thus, more profitable.

What is IM Checklist?

IM Checklist is composed of more than 373 Marketing Checklists with Private Label Rights. The IM Checklist currently has 19 volumes 20 volumes now…namely:

Volume 1 – Product Creation
Volume 2 – Email Marketing
Volume 3 – Social Media Marketing
Volume 4 – Affiliate Marketing
Volume 5 – Video Marketing
Volume 6 – Canva Design
Volume 7 – Newbie Marketer
Volume 8 – Messenger Marketing
Volume 9 – Outsourcing
Volume 10 – Self Publishing
Volume 11 – Building a Business on WordPress
Volume 12 – Offline Business Startup
Volume 13 – Make Money Online with your Skills – Crisis Management
Volume 14 – Search Engine Optimization
Volume 15 – YouTube Advertising
Volume 16 – Copywriting
Volume 17 – ClickBank Marketing
Volume 18 – LinkedIn Marketing
Volume 19 – Selling on Webinars
Volume 20 – PLR Kickstart (newest release)

Every single volume has proven steps and techniques to make your web advertising in any niche an effective one. These are lists that truly give you confidence and can help you immensely in working out the different steps to help you prevail in your chosen niche. A list is a powerful and confidence inducing method that can guide you on what to do next and can save tremendous time.

This is a month to month membership and Mr. Fahey releases a new one every month in addition to the Private Label Rights which enables you to alter and rebrand the lists and you can even claim full authorship of the list.

Who is the Creator of IM Checklist?

IM Checklist is made by Kevin Fahey, a full-time web marketer, professional list builder, and site improvement master. He is the owner of online IM support.

How to Use IM Checklist?

To succeed on the web and make your business grow, there is a great deal that you have to learn. Internet marketing covers a wide variety of methods that you should be familiar with, so to instruct yourself to different significant promoting, Kevin Fahey gives you the IM Checklist which you can use to make lead magnets and augment your profits. Furthermore, you can even give these lists to your virtual assistants to follow for better outcomes.

This gives you a chance to free up your time from tiresome research. It walks you through what should be done as opposed to you having to spend the time to figure it out on your own. It is like having Kevin Fahey working with you on every step of your marketing business.

After your purchase, you will gain full access to all the checklists just by creating your username and password on their secure site and there will be new releases every month of topics related to online marketing.


1. Relevant and proven checklists that work to make your online marketing business a success.

2. Gaining access to an entire marketing gold training vault that has over 20 hours of training and monthly training webinars.

3. Has a lot of positive reviews from online marketers.

4. Save you time and resources because it will guide you to the right direction on what to do.

5. You can use these checklists to improve on your chosen project or niche.

6. The creator is a credible and expert online marketer with more than 10 years of experience in internet marketing.

7. You can use these checklists whether you are a complete newbie or an advanced online marketer.

8. The Private Label Rights lets you edit, add graphics and rebrand and lets you add the checklist to paid membership sites.

9. You can have a 5-day full access trial for an initial charge of $3.00.


1. It is a monthly subscription, so there is a recurring fee, but the checklists are also updated every month.

2. You don’t get master resell rights and can’t give them away on free membership sites.


Checklists are valuable, and you need them if you want to succeed on your digital marketing journey. The checklists have been gathered and experienced by the expert online marketer himself, Kevin Fahey. The ability to know how to start and what to do next is priceless. You need these checklists to have better results. The value for your monthly membership fee is in the form of gaining full access hundreds of lists. They contain the steps you need to take that will ensure your chances of success are at a maximum. It also eliminates the frustration of forgetting something because you will be following a step-by-step process that can improve your business.

This is an invaluable set of lists. One learns by doing and if you are a beginner, following the lists as you explore the huge world of internet marketing is going to get you to expert level fast.

You will definitely have the results that you are aiming for when you use these checklists and will make you more focus in improving your business without wondering or guessing what to do next or steps to take. Have the profitable business that you want in an easier way with IM Checklist.


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