Here is a little known “secret” that the top affiliates usually don’t reveal. Hands down the quickest way to become an awesome affiliate marketer is to start creating your own products to sell. Counterintuitive you say? Bear with me for a second while I explain.

Raise your hand if you got into affiliate marketing to avoid creating products? (Note: I just did…) To really do well as an affiliate you should start creating your own products. And yes, I know there are perhaps thousands of affiliates who make 5 or 6 figure incomes from affiliate marketing alone but they really are the exceptions, not the norm.

Here is the “why” for the case of personal product creation.

Point 1: Creating your own products not only makes you money from sales but allows you to build the most powerful list of all… the vaunted “buyers list.” I am not talking about all of the freebie seekers and tire kickers that are landing on your lists because of the awesome free lead magnet you put in place. I am talking about actual buyers that pulled out their wallets and purses to pony up the cash to buy something.

Point 2: Creating your own products will ensure you generate a true buyers list. A nice side effect is it will also give you some credibility and authority in the niche you are trying to make a dent in. No matter the form of the product you are promoting, physical or digital, you can always create addon products such as a report, checklist, or even additional training to supplement the object you are promoting.

Some examples to illustrate my points here. If you’re promoting bodybuilding supplements, create a bodybuilding guide and sell it alongside the offer to the supplements. The guide should have affiliate links to the supplements that you recommend. That will drive more sales.

If you are like me, YouTube is a great way to find out how to do something. Say you set up a site in the home gardening niche and you promote gardening equipment. You could create a guide and/or a video that shows the correct, easy way to compost. It could sell hundreds or thousands of copies. Everyone one of those buyers goes on your list. You then have an opportunity to promote a guide on how to grow tomatoes or other crops faster or better.

The bottom line is this. The buyer’s list you generated has already shown interest in an info product by buying it. It doesn’t take a genius to know you should probably recommend them a few more. I have found out buyers who are passionate about the interest will grab every product that catches their interest. Roll out your “roach coach” to feed that hungry crowd with your own product and you will tap into that crowd better as an affiliate marketer.

To make things even more awesome, can you then guess what you can do with your product?

The secret sauce is now you can allow other affiliates to sell it. Now you will have others promoting your product as well. The neat thing is several of those affiliates may have their own products that they are selling. This is a perfect way to network with them and promote their products as well. Now you have valuable contacts that you can then form partnerships to boost each other’s sales. Do not make the mistake that so many affiliates make – fearing product creation. The creation of your own products opens doors and opportunities beyond your wildest imagination.

Even if it takes you 3 – 6 months to create your own product, it is time well spent. Remember, this is a business and the efforts you put into your product creation will yield profits many times over in the future. You should always play the long game because that is the key to soaring affiliate commissions. Once you get a taste of this you will never look back.  

If you are interested in learning from the best in the industry when it comes to product creation and setting up your business from front to back then you owe it to yourself to check out what John Thornhill has to offer with his Partnership To Success. You will not be disappointed.  

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