Most entrepreneurs who try to build a business online are often met with skepticism and criticism…something I like to call the Online Business Blues. The whole idea of making money online seems like a scam to the average person, because the industry as a whole is rife with hype and fake promises of riches.

Yet, if you stopped to look at Amazon, which is a multi-billion-dollar company, you’d realize that it’s an online business too. So are Netflix, Google and other major companies that rake in billions of dollars every year.

Meeting with the opposition is part and parcel of the game. The unavoidable truth is that it takes time, money and effort to build an online business that makes a “day job replacing income”.

The average person who works a day job usually sees a wage after 2 weeks or a month. With an online business owner, it could take several months or even years before their business gains traction and sees rewards.

It’s during this period that doubts arise. If you’re struggling to build an online income, those closest to you such as your family and friends will often advise you to do something else or they may even have a laugh at you.

To them, even Stevie Wonder can see that you’re not making any money with your efforts and you keep beating a dead horse. If you listen to their criticism and let it get you down and quit, that will be the end of your business.

This will be a monumental mistake to make because you don’t plant a seed today and expect to see a tree tomorrow. Your business will take time to grow roots and develop. The succeed you are going to have to fail – sometimes over and over again. I know it sounds like a crap sandwich but this is the cold harsh reality of becoming an online marketer.

Maintaining a positive attitude when it seems like the whole world is against you is a difficult task. At times like these, it’s best to spend time in quiet meditation and self-reflection so that you can ask yourself what it is you truly want in life.

Never lose sight of your main goals. It could be financial freedom or location independence. Maybe you wish to never have a boss again or you want to work from home without putting up with the mind-numbing commute.

You may wish to live a life that is different from the rest of the people you know. These are all worthy ambitions and you’ll need to do what the rest won’t so that you can live in a way that the rest can’t.

But… that is often in the future. What matters is how you feel in the present. Knowing who you are, what you want and what you stand for is crucial to keeping your chin up when those who think they’re looking out for your best interests give you advice to quit and do something that everyone else is doing.

Keep a journal. Find mentors. Seek people who are doing the same things that you are. These are ways to keep the flame burning within your soul as you blaze your way to success online.

Choose one method or a few and keep going. Out of this struggle, you will find out what mettle you are made of.

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Your attitude is so much like an inner architect building resilience in your mindset.

What’s at stake? Your outlook involves your perception of success (or failure) and has a big impact on the viability of your career. The great thing is, setting your attitude is your choice.

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