IM Travel Diaries: Post 1

Okay…here we go. I had a few messages from people asking if I was going to do what I said I was going to do in my About Page and actually discuss how my training under John is going.

I am happy to do that!

The title of this post is Reality Check for a reason. There are some truths to this internet marketing business that I want to pass onto anyone interested. If you really want to start doing this then you should know – It costs money to make money. Seriously though…if you’re looking for free ways to make money – you should really just look into getting a job.

Huh? Does that even make sense?

It does make sense when you realize that it doesn’t cost a single dime to spend the rest of your life in the rat race making someone else rich. But it costs money and time to get a successful online business of the ground. The thing of it is though is that it is not as much money as you’d think.

As of right now, I have finished the first 8 weeks of the training under John. That involved the following things be done and he walks you step by step through each piece. 

  1. Setting up this WordPress blog is the very first piece. You get training on how to set it up correctly and start networking with other bloggers.
  2. How to start list building.
  3. How to monetize the blog properly.

To give you some perspective, realize that John Thornhill’s Partner To Success program runs for a 52 week year. 

Here is the link if you are interested.