I wanted to update everyone on my meeting with Randy Smith who is one of the marketers that works side by side with John Thornhill. Since he took over my ticket, he naturally became the one that met with me.  

To recap from the last blog post, I was struggling to fit my product idea into a manageable length.

As Randy put it, my idea would probably be ready to launch in 3 years lol.  

As luck would have it, I am extremely picky about what my actual niche that I am going to target would be. Scratch that…I am downright indecisive.

Randy suggested that whatever I finally decided to settle on that I might want to create this product with Private Label Rights attached to it.   

I did ask him about the utilization of other PLR products to fill in what I eventually create but he cautioned against that route since John himself would be putting his gargantuan clout behind marketing my finished product to his JV partners. The chances would be good that he would have already promoted the material already.  

So that settled that part for me. A completely original product it is. 

Now, what niche that I can bring my perspective and experiences into focus is the question.  

Stay tuned for my next post where I reveal the niche that I am going to target and why…

Daniel Colussi

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