Here is an irritating problem. Imagine this: You have just been reading up on how to make a viral blogpost. In the reading material, it is suggested that you put the article up to share it on social media and one thing will lead to the other and it will go viral…what could be so hard about that? All you want is to make readers share your content.

Reality descends as you start to write the beginnings of this vaunted blogpost and you realize the only way that they will share something is that they must love it.

Ughh! How do you do that? Get them to love the content.

Here are 12 tips to keep in mind as you write.

1.        Offer a simple, practical way of accomplishing a task. According to the New York Times, 94 percent of people share content because they believe it will be helpful to others. That’s why articles such as “10 Ways to Save Money” are popular.

2.       Write “how to” posts. These kinds of posts are always popular and tend to stay evergreen for a long time. For example, few can resist, “How to Make the Best Pumpkin Pie Ever.”

3.       Give them what they want. Figure out what your readers want to learn and write about that.

4.       Use the active voice as much as possible. Instead of writing, “Darla is loved by Bubba,” write “Bubba loves Donna.” It’s easier, faster and more interesting to read.

5.       Use present tense as much as possible. Instead of writing, “Last week when we were going down the mountain…” Write, “Imagine this: We’re going down the mountain when a cougar leaps in front of our motorcycle…” It puts the reader right there in the scene with you and makes it more exciting to read.

6.      Entertain the reader. If you can delight the reader, make your content irresistible and even bring humor to it, so much the better.

7.       Be credible. If you can back up what you write, your readers will trust your content enough to share it.

8.      Cut the fat. It’s not the length of your content that matters, it’s the conciseness. Tighten up your sentences, rewrite anything that confuses, eliminate words like “very” and “just” and basically tighten up your writing. Every word should count.

9.       It’s not a dissertation. Use shorter lines instead of longer sentences whenever possible.

10.   Emotionally engage the reader. It’s not just about the facts, it’s also about grabbing the reader by the emotions and not letting them go until the end.

11.     Tell stories. If you can illustrate your point through a story, do it.

12.    Never, ever be boring. Have someone read your content before you post it. Ask them to watch for any place where their mind starts to wander. These are the places you’ll need to work on, so you don’t lose your reader’s attention.

I have a rule that if my style is sounding like the lab writeup my Chemistry teacher would have swooned over…then I had better try again! Imagine instead that you are writing to your best friend, sharing useful info that they want to know.

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