If you’ve been doing online marketing for any length of time, you’d have seen products with slick names like “Epic 8-Minute Profits” or “10 Minute Cash Tsunami” or “Fast Traffic Cash Hurricane”… and the list goes on and on

These ‘make money online’ products always make it seem like fast and easy profits is the way to go. The sales copy makes it look like one needs to put in minimal effort to rake in maximum profits in record time. In fact, hard work and slow progress is frowned upon.

Don’t sweat it…it is a marathon…not a sprint

Many newbies are seduced by this idea of fast profits and are quick to shell out hard-earned cash on these flashy promises. Once they do get their products and try implementing the methods, they see no results and, in some cases, negative results because they’ve spent money and seen no profits.

The truth of the matter is that building an online business takes time and effort. Of course, there are some marketers who do make hefty sums within a short while. But in most cases, they either paid thousands to a good mentor or they were learning the ropes quietly for a long before they made a big splash on the scene.

Yet, you never hear about the time spent figuring things out and laying the foundations. This is not ‘sexy’. We live in a world of microwaves and instant text messaging. Everyone wants fast results and they want them now… without sacrificing time or effort.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it just doesn’t happen. In this article, you’ll see why time is your ally. In fact, the longer you are in the game, the better. You want your online business to be a glowing ember that turns into a roaring flame… and not a flash in the pan that disappears in the blink of an eye.

Haste makes waste
This is inevitable. When you try and rush things without exercising due diligence, you will set yourself up for mistakes and losses. If an online ‘guru’ tells you to purchase hosting from a specific service provider and you just rush off and do it… in time you may discover that the hosting service is atrocious and the reason you were recommended it was so that the guru could make a hefty commission.

This is just one example. There are many more that arise from not taking the time to analyze things. While over-analysis can lead to paralysis as far as taking action goes, there’s no denying that you must think things through before proceeding. Give yourself time to think.

Some things just take time

No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things take time. Your skills improve with practice over time. If you’re a writer, you’ll become better and faster over time. You can’t become a bestselling Kindle author overnight.

The same applies if you’re running an ecommerce store and testing paid ads. You need time to experiment with the ads to separate the winners from the losers. If you try and rush things by dumping good money after bad just to speed things up, you’ll end up losing money. You need the time to give you feedback on what works and what won’t.

Your business WILL snowball

It is a well-known fact that when Coca-Cola first started, it sold about 9 glasses a day. Today, it sells over 1 billion servings every day. This is the power of time. If they had quit after one week just because of the unimpressive 9 glasses, Coca-Cola would not be a household name today.

If a multi-billion dollar company needed time to gain traction, so will you. With time, your blog will have more posts. You will have more websites. You will have more customers. Your brand will be more established, and you will be excellent at what you do.

You need time. Forget about speed. You’re not in an Olympic 100-meter dash. Building an online business is a race that has no end. You’re in this for the long haul.

If no one is chasing you then don’t run

The question you need to ask yourself is this… Why are you rushing things? Is it making life any easier for you?

Many beginners try to rush things so that they can quit their day job. They stress themselves out unnecessarily. In most cases, they could still function at their day job and build an online business slowly but properly over time. They’ll see success faster and be able to ditch the job sooner if they actually went about it in a slower and sensible manner.

Slow down there…you have time to get this right!

It may seem counterintuitive but by doing things slower and in a more methodical manner, you will accelerate your results. Do not be frantic for no reason like most beginners who just want fast profits but never see any despite trying for years. It often seems like they’re not going anywhere but they can’t wait to get there.

Take your time and do it right. Any other problem in life can be better accommodated by changing your mindset. Look at your day job as a way to fund your online business. Work at your job while working on your fortune.

Turbulence is normal

Turbulence refers to problems that tend to arise when you’re trying to get to a better place. Just like how a plane meets turbulence before it rises to cruising altitude, your business will see hiccups too before it starts making good money.

You may have tech issues or your PayPal account might be limited or Google does some algorithm change that leaves everyone’s heads spinning. It could be anything but rest assured that something will always come up.

Time will allow you to take these problems in your stride and overcome them. If you’re in a rush, when turbulence occurs, you will feel discombobulated and utterly stressed out because you want to make fast money but it seems like everything is working against you.

As you can see, much can be achieved if you gave yourself the time to work on your business. Plan and execute with precision and do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. Once you stop rushing things that need time to grow, your online business will skyrocket faster than you ever thought possible.

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