Unfortunately, I think every marketer goes through this in their career. The Shiny Ball Syndrome is a name for a disorder that sees a person hopping from one scheme to another in the hopes of striking it rich. If you are getting started in internet marketing you will find you will get hit with this hard.

Pretty ain’t it…so are all those programs everyone is selling…

Now, I have experienced this with friends in every hobby you can think of. I am sure you know of someone that goes gung-ho into a hobby…say 4 wheeling…and they buy all the latest quads and gear. They are loading up every weekend to head out to play. Life is great right?

Then the next time you see them, they have a new boat. Suddenly, they are pouring all their time and effort into boating while the other toys lie abandoned in the corner of the garage. You can basically repeat this over and over.

Well, let me tell you what that is…. that is shiny ball syndrome.

Now, imagine these friends deciding to open an online business. If you know nothing of how to start then you are probably going to ‘google it.’ Be warned…this is where it will start in the online marketing world…it can be addictive.

The Facts…Jack!

Let me start off by saying that internet marketing is one of the most fascinating entrepreneurial pursuits on the planet. According to the website Omnicron, the pool of customers currently approaches 3 billion people on social media alone. Furthermore, 64% of online shoppers say a video on social media helped them make their decision. Clearly, there is no danger in oversaturation if you are getting started in internet marketing. The competition is fierce to get eyeballs onto your content and offers so here is where the dreaded “Shiny Ball Syndrome” rears its ugly head.

Consider this point, the shiny ball syndrome when you are getting started in internet marketing isn’t as bad as getting an STD or something of that nature…it’s WAY worse! There are nine types of online digital marketing according to a post on Sparklogix. You have areas like affiliate marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing…oh ya…the list goes on and each one is a monstrosity of a topic within the digital marketing sphere. In each of those topics, you have masters at their craft working away, making millions with techniques designed to make you emotional, get you desiring, and ultimately, whipping out the credit card to gladly buy the offers presented. It is a siren call crafted to ensnare you.

A Possible Cure

So how do you cure this? Well, it is a lot easier to write about it than to be able to put it into practice but there are some tried and true techniques I have put into place to combat it.

  1. The number one technique you must master is focus. You must see each project you start all the way through. If it truly ends up being a stinker then stop it and move on but critically evaluating each thing you start must become a natural thing to you.
  2. If you are of an entrepreneurial spirit then you are probably going to get ideas that spark constantly as you work through projects and learn new things. Write them down in a tool such as Microsoft OneNote or something similar and visit that well upon completion of your current project. Most good ideas are still going to be good ideas a week or a month from now so don’t sweat it.
  3. The last piece of advice on my end would be to get back to the basics. Find something that is simple and just works. Even if you only earn a tiny bit from it, you should be able to return to it over and over.

Back To The Basics When Getting Started In Internet Marketing?

Remember, that home runs are great to get but it is the consistent base hits up the middle that can make it possible to win the game. As an affiliate marketer, I have been stricken with shiny ball syndrome as well but as your knowledge increases, so does the capacity to put defenses in place to critically evaluate if something is right for you.

If you want to know where I started out as an affiliate marketer and which product training was truly the game changer for me was

Mark Wightley’s funnel Franchise System.

Mark has the training and the know-how that really gets you up to speed in how to do affiliate marketing right. What makes his system my favorite is that the training is easy to implement and shows results in a short order of time. It is what allowed me to stop ‘chasing the shiny ball.’

In fact, my newest project is one that implements my oldest training techniques. I am just trying out some new tweaks to see if they work and that keeps the boredom away.


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