Scenario here. You have finally set up WordPress, found a theme you like, installed lots of fun plugins…some of which broke your installation by the way… You have done all of the legwork there to get your blog up and ready for the presses. The last thing to do is add a post so you click it to a nice fresh white screen ready to be filled with fruits of your experience and labor.

Huh? Just what are you going to write about? Can you make money selling content? You can, but there are some mistakes many new marketers make when they set out.

This cause content to not sell well. In fact, it downright depresses everything you do!

There are four blunders that people often do when they start out.

Blunder 1: Topics that are not related to your content

          In other words, are you, for example, in the Make Money Online niche and you just posted a great article about makeup? You might have done this to pull more traffic. Did you know Google will notice and will weaken your position in the search engines? Furthermore, there is really no benefit regarding leads or sales.

Blunder 2: Content that is too long

          You might be saying “What? I thought Goggle loves long content!” It does, and even some people like long content but it better be some stimulating reading because if they get bored before they see your call to action, you just lost a sale.

Blunder 3: Useless popups and other interruptions

          Never use any type of disruptive programming that ruins your visitor’s experience. You run the chance of just irritating them and making them leave. Save popups for when you are trying to achieve a goal like signing up people to a list or selling a product.

Blunder 4: Call To Action is confusing

          Do yourself a favor and always make sure you let people know what it is you want them to do. They are not mind-readers and you are wasting your time putting together the article in the first place if you don’t do this.

If you can avoid those four blunders then you will be on your way to writing content that does sell. So…in the spirit of the advice above, I am going to give you a call to action on what to do next.

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