Why Should You Use Storytelling In Marketing?

Storytelling…do you think it might be a good way to launch a product, sell a service of yours, or simply just connect with your tribe?

If you don’t you are definitely overlooking one of the simplest ways to position yourself as an authority in your niche.

Why would that be?

Meticulously crafted storytelling is the raw beating heart of every effective marketing campaign on the planet and it forms the bedrock of every successful brand out there.

Creating a story that resonates will do two things for you. One, it unites your brand with its audience and demonstrates your continued commitment to providing value. And two, it shows that you simply understand their fears, values, and desires.

A story entwined into your product launch and your branding itself will allow you to better connect with your audience because you are showing them why your brand exists and how it was created to help them.

Storytelling will also help you find what they call your voice. Having an effective voice is going to allow you to stand out in your market because it gives your audience a new perspective – a closer look into the working of your business. Ultimately this allows them to see how the products and services you provide help them.

Think about this though…storytelling is not about you, instead, it is about your customer. Even when weaving your personal stories into your marketing you are really striving for a singular purpose – highlight the benefits that your audience will gain when choosing your brand above others.

You can also use the storytelling method to identify a problem in your niche and then offer a simple solution throughout your story. In the end, what is important is what your solution solves for them.

Effective storytellers can easily enter a niche, connect with an audience, stand out from the crowd, and ultimately, slay the competition.

The first phase of this is the information gathering stage. This is where you need to examine your brand and in doing so, create a relevant and timely storyline for your launch. The most difficult part of this is to step back and see how the audience sees your brand. It isn’t about you and it isn’t easy because you normally invest deeply in your products and services.

I have an ebook that lays out this process and how to achieve the voice of your brand. I am happy to give it away if it will help you create your story and make it easier to create the foundation that you need for your campaigns.

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