Here is one tip for how you can keep creating amazing content every single week. Before I tell you, let me discuss a common problem that many of us content creators face. Sometimes we just don’t know what to write or don’t know what we can say.

Have you experienced looking at the wall blankly and wondering… What can I do? What can I write about this week? What topic should I be focusing on? I’m going to show you one method that’s commonly used by all the experts and gurus to continually create content, even though they don’t feel like doing it. Or when their inspiration… doesn’t hit. You know, what’s the secret? Here it is…

You want to DOCUMENT! Don’t create content!

Now, what’s the difference between creating content and documenting content?

Well, when you document rather than creating you simply record what you do. There could be a few ways to do it. First you could just look at what you do each day in your work and just write it down. What are the steps that you take that could be of interest to your customer or your audience? After going through that you could just look at all the stuff that you have offline – your guides, or maybe this could be a manual that you have created… And find a way to produce it and to share it online. You could also just collate the thoughts of industry leaders in your space and put them down In the form of an article.

So… just to summarize, you know the idea here is to not to try to come up with fresh original content all the time. But to document what you know. Record the things that you do each day. Look at what the top people in the industry are doing as well, collate their thoughts, and put it together into a blog article. Even use your offline content and translate it online.

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