You are going to hear this phrase ALL THE TIME if you are even remotely involved in the work from home or are a part of the internet marketing business….

“You NEED a system to succeed.”

I believe you really have to take this a step further and not only have a system in place for success but in order to really succeed, you are going to need to have a system that is automated. Your automated system must be able to hit a prospect from every marketing angle that you have in order to pay off in a big way.

The following 3 techniques are guaranteed to increase your earnings with ANY home or internet marketing opportunity.

Technique 1: “Create a “capture” or “squeeze” Page

Even if you have no idea what these are, I am certain you have seen a capture page and even been “captured” by one. This is internet marketing 101. A capture page is a web page that is set up to give brief information about a product or service. The catch is in order to see the offer, they have to enter their information to get full details. This capture page most often is a page designed to tease or hype up the prospect to get them curious and wanting to know more. As you can probably guess, the most effective capture pages touch on personal or financial needs that compel them to seek more information. Once you get that prospect’s info, they are your prospect for life and can continue to reach out and contact them about other services or products. This is a powerful concept and it is a MUST to start building your own list that you can promote any product or service to. A great service that enables you to create these pages is Builderall, an extremely powerful marketing platform.

The most successful in any of the home business niches all have a list of hundreds and thousands of leads captured through lead pages. They spend years cultivating their lists. Anytime the have a new product, service, or opportunity that needs promoting they send it out to their list first. Your list, on average, is worth a dollar a lead per month.

The second technique is a natural outgrowth of the capture page. You need something to keep those emails.

Technique 2: “Follow up with an email autoresponder.”

This is the easiest form of the follow-up. When you create a capture page, you end up tying the information box, also called an opt-in box, to an autoresponder. This can easily be done using a service like the one I use called GetResponse. Once you have the prospect in your list, you can now follow up with them daily, weekly, or even monthly without having to do any work. Of course, to be fair, you will have to write your email follow up sequences but once that is done, it is full automation there on out.

So here is a mistake many people make at this point. Email is a great tool to create automated processes but many times it is the only tool they put in their toolbox and that is a monster mistake. Although email is still king, it is slowly becoming less effective due to spam laws and filtering that people put into their email accounts. So now we need to start thinking of coming at people from a multitude of different angles to mitigate the issue.

Step 3: “Follow up with a messenger bot system”

The new thing out there that has been gaining momentum over the past year is messenger bots. This is Facebook’s baby and is amazingly powerful. The open rates alone from bots is upwards of 80%. The amazingly powerful feature that you end up leveraging is the fact that messenger has around 1.3 Billion users and they are connected around the clock through their smartphones.

I recommend taking Segmate for a spin. It is as close as a real-life interaction you can have with any visitor and you can build trust with them. This will lead to sales. It is truly cutting edge technology.

If you use that simple 3 step plan to creating an automated system for your business, you will definitely increase sales and income. In addition, you will not only have an automated system that works for you while you are doing the things you enjoy, but it will be one that contacts prospects from every angle so they are sure to get your message early and often. Remember, it is not always enough just to have a system. You need to have an automated system that you can plug each prospect into that will run itself while you focus on building your business.


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